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     Know more about Chawras

The end of Pratihar rule was the beginning for Chawda dynasty. Their capital  Ahilyapatak  (Ahilyavaad) was established under new name as New Pattan (presently Patan). Before that during Maitrak period, Chaap dynasty (another name of chawda) ruled over Gurjardesh (now Gujarat). Even in Vadhvan, Diu & Dwarka there were few rulers of same dynasty.

They were also known as Chapotkat or Chawda. In addition to this there was Chawda rule in Saurashtra and Kachchh.

Thus rulers of Chawda dynasty .........


Chawra Channels

Indian Cuisine

Gujju Corner


India Corner

Currency Converter

Greeting Cards

Information Technology

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